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Features of Crestview

Full Day Kindergarten Program

Children, who reach age 5 on or before December 31st of any year, are eligible to enter kindergarten in September of that year.
Kindergarten is an exciting time where children explore and learn through play, are exposed to the development of literacy and numeracy skills, and have an opportunity to develop their physical skills. In St. James-Assiniboia Schools, kindergarten children also receive instruction in computer technology. The development of social skills formulates another important aspect of the program. The report cards explain to parents the progress of their children.
Students residing more than one kilometer from their home school are eligible for transportation services. In most schools, the kindergarten program is a half-day program. Some schools, based on student enrolment, offer both an afternoon and a morning program while other schools offer only one or the other. Full-day kindergarten takes place in Brooklands, Buchanan, Crestview, Heritage, Lakewood and Stevenson-Britannia schools for children living in their catchment areas. During the first two days of school teachers hold parent-teacher conferences with each child and his/her parents.
Information evenings regarding kindergarten programs are held in each school in February. Times and dates are published in The Metro newspaper and in our Division newsletter CONTACT, which is delivered by mail to each household in St. James-Assiniboia. Registrations take place at the local schools in early March. Parents are required to bring a copy of their child's birth certificate in order to register.

Reading Recovery Program

Crestview School has a certified Reading Recovery teacher for 50% of the school day. Reading Recovery is a first-grade early intervention program designed to accelerate the literacy development of children who do not yet exhibit the early literacy skills required for successful classroom experience. Each child participates in an intensive daily 30 minute pull-out session for approximately 12-20 weeks, with a teacher trained in Reading Recovery methodology. The program is based on the premise that early intervention is more successful when initiated before children fail.

The Reading Recovery Program is both highly structured and closely differentiated according to the needs of the individual child. It provides instructional strategies that are individually tailored to help the child become an independent reader. Children are discontinued from the program when they develop self-monitoring strategies and reach the average achievement levels of their classmates.

Reading Recovery is based on extensive research into the learning process and how one learns to read and write. The program was developed by Dr. Marie Clay and has been successfully implemented in New Zealand for more than a decade.

Math Enhancement Program

Crestview School implemented a Math Intervention Program in 1995. The aim of the program is to provide for early intervention of students who are experiencing difficulties in the understanding of mathematical concepts and skills. It is directed at grade two or later grade one students who have the potential to improve their mathematical skills, but are in need of extra help to bring them to grade level. The children selected for this program receive an intensive one on one, thirty minute period daily taught by a fully qualified tutor for a 12 to 20 week period.

The program consists of hands on activities with manipulatives, specific tasks, guided learning and work on the computer.

We have found that through this program the children gain a better understanding of their math skills, become more confident in their ability to do mathematics, and become more independent workers.  As well, a Mathematics intervention program is being developed and implemented for the Full Day Kindergarten Pilot Project.

If you wish any further information about the program, please contact the school.

 Last Modified: 30 May,2017